What Makes You Happy?

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So what makes for a happy home?  I think the question has different answers, depending on the person.

I think most families have an ideal of what they want their life to look like.  Spending time as a family, going on family outings, watching movies together at home.  How about playing in the yard with a new puppy and going swimming in your backyard swimming pool?

These all sounds ideal, though today’s lifestyles usually don’t offer the opportunity to enjoy all of these.

Too many people are spending their lives working, paying bills, sitting in traffic,…basically not living the life they should be.  It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race, in fact, the system almost forces you into it unless you consciously decide to break out of the norm.

I think most people will agree that buying “stuff” does not make you happy.  In fact, it makes you less happy over time because once you have stuff (and the debt that comes with it), comes the need to upgrade to bigger and better stuff every year.  Welcome to consumerism, the way the world keeps most people in an endless cycle of debt and unhappiness.

When you die one day, you most likely won’t look back fondly at all of the stuff you purchased on your lifetime.  You probably won’t regret not upgrading your HD tv or getting the lastest mobile phone.  What you will regret is not spending more time with your family.  Not seeing the world.  Not saying I Love You enough to the ones who deserve it.

I would even argue not to have happiness as your goal.  Things can make you happy, at least temporarily.  Fulfilled is probably the better term to use.  Have a life where you feel fulfilled, where you have done all of the important things you originally set out to do.  You have a loving family who loves you back.  You have your health and friends around you.  I would love nothing more than a new swim spa for the backyard, though I know the euphoric high would be fleeting as the pay my monthly finance bill for the next 2 years to pay it off (I still might get one though, many health benefits!)

With fulfillment comes happiness.  Not fading happiness like when you buy a new mobile phone, real happiness when your kids hug you and tell you they love you.

I found the below infographic about a survey of happy families (Thanks George from Lloyd HVAC in Toronto for sharing)


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