Create a Comfortable Room In Your House To Relax


Everyone should dedicate time to meditate and relax during the day.  It’s a serene way of releasing the stress and anxieties of a long day at work or stressful moments throughout the day.

If you’re not an outdoor person or don’t have a nearby park to walk to, consider making a room in your home a sort of sanctuary where you can escape to and relax and to forget about your stressful day.

The room can be anywhere in your house, as long as it has positive energies, is quiet and can bring your some peace and relaxation.

In my home, I prefer a small sewing room that isn’t used very frequently and has a nice sofa bench I can sit or lie down on and look at the trees from the window.

A living room, bedroom or family room can also be a great spot, especially off hours, like when the kids are sleeping and the house is quiet.  People tend not to appreciate downtime and the importance or spending time alone with just your thoughts.

During winter months, I enjoy sitting by our fireplace in a dark room and silence.  We purchased an electric fireplace in Toronto last year that allows me to use the fireplace feature anytime of the year, not just in the winter.

If you find that your home is too chaotic to relax, make a point of talking an evening walk each night to unwind with just your thoughts.  Or consider going for a run or even a 10-minute drive to clear your thoughts, the important thing is that you have the ability to relax and unwind after a stressful day.  Discharging your negative energy is a great way to start each day anew and have a happy, energetic and positive life.

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