Create a Comfortable Room In Your House To Relax

Everyone should dedicate time to meditate and relax during the day.  It’s a serene way of releasing the stress and anxieties of a long day at work or stressful moments throughout the day. If you’re not an outdoor person or don’t have a nearby park to walk to, consider making a room in your home a […]


Why Running Can Help You Think Better

Have you ever read the book, “Born To Run”?  If you weren’t a runner before reading the book, you would be after.  It reads like a fiction novel and is one of my favorite books. It’s about one journalist’s journey to find the mystical “Caballo Blanco” deep in the canyons of Mexico.  I won’t spoil […]

Luxury Condos Unit

Should I Buy a Condo Or a House?

People often ask if thy should buy a condo or a home.  Both are perfectly fine, it really comes down to your personal preferences as well as your current life situation.  Here in Canada, the housing market is insane and real estate is always on the rise.  This has led to an increase in condo […]

Happy Homes

What Makes You Happy?

So what makes for a happy home?  I think the question has different answers, depending on the person. I think most families have an ideal of what they want their life to look like.  Spending time as a family, going on family outings, watching movies together at home.  How about playing in the yard with a […]